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Many of our spray drying plants are supplied with indirect fired air heaters for either light or heavy oil or gas.
This air heaters specially designed for spray drying plants in order to ensure the best possible economy and reliability. The HAG has high overall thermal efficiency of 86 ± 1% on gross calorific value (GCV) of fuel oil & 93 ± 1% on net califoric value (NCV) of fuel oil/stack temperature of less than 200oC and compared to electrical heating saves 80% energy. It consists of concentric cylinders through which the air and combustion gas circulate without getting in touch with each other, High thermal efficiency, high corrosion resistance, and minimal air pressure drop are some of the main advantages found through many years of operation within a great number of industries.

Indirect Air Heating
The hot combustion gases from a combustion chamber are mixed with a suitable amount of ambient air and led direct to the spray dryer.
This air heater gives the highest possible thermal efficiency.

Our Production programme includes standard and tailormade. Heat treatment equipment and Furnaces. Primary and secondary Fuel Fired and Electric Resistance type Furnaces for Heating and Reheating Heat treatment includes Ovens, Dryer, rotary kiln, Hot air generators chemical processing equipment from 50oC to 1500oC.


Direct Air Heating
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